YouTube Downloader – Convert YouTube To Videos Or MP3/MP4/AVI/3GP

YouTube is a wonderland of all sorts of videos. Many users upload their videos on YouTube every single minute, so you will surely spend numerous hours lurking around the site, for there are a lot of interesting videos that are not just enticing, but provoking as well.

Downloading video from YouTube or other sources online will serve people in different ways. We all find the need of it at several points of our lives.

Every website for videos online will always have their own set of rules or terms of use. Make sure to read them, before using any of their services. Keep in mind that videos protected with a copyright should not be explicitly used for commercial use; it is prohibited in most countries, especially in the US. Videos are not to be duplicated and distributed for your own benefit, as stated by the CBS. You can only do that, if you are granted with full legal rights.

What is YouTube Downloader? offers a simple tool called YouTube video downloader, which will help you save and download your favorite YouTube videos to your computer, laptop or gadget free and easy. With this tool, you can download and convert your videos in any format, at your home, school or office.

The downloader also works perfectly with other gadgets like:

  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • PSP
  • XBOX
  • Smart phones
  • Tablets
  • MAC

To start using the YouTube downloader – all you have to do is type in the URL of your preferred video, and then click “Download Now” button.

Please make sure you have Java installed. Select Allow when prompted.

That is it! Extremely easy, and fast as well!

Here is the link to our download form for those who are willing to try it out.

Enjoy High-Definition Videos

With YouTube Downloader from, you can now enjoy up to 1080p high definition videos from YouTube, and other video sources online.

Watch At Your Own Pace & Time

The downloader also has a great feature that allows you to convert any YouTube video in a few clicks, and save it, to watch the video at your preferred time and place.

Works On Multiple Players

Videos converted & downloader using the YouTube Downloader can be played on different players. The playable format of your video allows you to even make your video compatible with iTunes.

Fast, Easy, and Very Efficient!

Our downloader is mega fast and easy to use! Just type in the URL of your video, and then download instantly. No waiting!